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HP Officejet Pro X576dw review

Whether you are running your office or business from home or dedicated office location, one of the most important equipment you will need is a printer.  Printers come in all shapes and sizes, offering various functions, some offering one sole feature, while some are multifunctional. The HP’s Officejet Pro X576dw is an inkjet multifunction printer for small businesses, let’s see what it has to offer.

HP Officejet Pro X576dw – inside the box

After you have managed to unpack the printer packaging, you will see in the box, the printer itself, a power cable, telephone cable, some printer cartridges and the manuals.  One thing you will notice is when unpacking it, there are so many tapes to remove and plastic bits to remove before you can get started, so you have to make sure you removed everything before use.


Multifunction Printer

The HP Officejet Pro X576dw is multifunctional, and what it means is that you are able to scan documents, fax them, photocopy and use as a normal printer.  It is also smart to certain extent in that, once it’s connected to the internet, you can download apps, you can connect to it via your phone app and even send documents to print remotely using it’s assigned email account on HP’s Print server.


As it is networked, you can print over your network, and you can also print directly from your smartphone using WiFi direct; if you need to quickly print from a USB storage, it’s very easy to do so via the onboard USB port.  It has a great articulating touch screen display for manipulating the settings and with a well structured menu, it is very easy to navigate.  The connectivity options available will make life easy for office users as you have various ways of getting your document printed.


It comes with a 500-sheet drawer, 50-sheet multipurpose tray, and duplexer standard.  For scanning, the X576dw offers both a legal-size flatbed and a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF).  Setup is very straight forward, simply plug the printer in, and follow the instructions on the touch panel, with extra settings available for making the printer work for you.


When buying a printer for office use, there are few things that should consider; the printing speed, the ease of use and the quality of the printing, depending on the document type.  The printing speed is considerably high even when printing images with the X576dw.  It comes with various printing modes; you can print in Professional mode, General Office mode, and the Presentation mode.   Depending on what mode you select, the quality would vary,  meaning you will need to decide how good the quality needs to be. The print mode selected also affects the print speed, with the general office mode offering the fastest but the lowest of quality.


The default Professional quality setting produces a better quality, printing at around 32ppm; this mode works best for printing images or graphic contents. General Office produces its prints at around 56ppm.  Printing is generally fast for such calibre of printer which is very impressive and making it suitable for any office looking for a printer that helps productivity and efficiency.  All printing function took seconds to complete, and that is very impressive.

The X576dw is pricey but when you consider its cost per print, you realise that you save money on the cost to run it, on the long run. It offers good print quality, fast printing and it’s multifunctional so any business, especially small business who needs a printer to get started, this is for you.  It can also be networked for a small team to print or you can get your clients to send documents directly for printing also.